Our Sire

RW CH Superiorbg Bagheera of KWBengals

Birthday: March 18, 2021

Color: Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby

TICA number: SBT 031821 032

PK-DEF and PRA-b – Clear

Bagheera is the very first registered sire of our cattery. He has a great profile, large muscular build and amazing color and patterning. He is the sweetest cat I have ever met and just loves everybody. He is registered as a Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby with TICA. He actually won Champion status at his very first show and was awarded the 2022 Best Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby of the Year . From his large rosettes to his kind, playful personality – he is the perfect addition to our cattery. He carries for charcoal and has 2 copies of the glitter gene as well, meaning his kittens should all have glitter! Whats better than a Bengal with glitter??

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