RW CH Superiorbg Bagheera of KWBengals

Birthday: March 18, 2021

Color: Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby

TICA number: SBT 031821 032

PK-DEF and PRA-b – Clear

Bagheera is the very first registered sire of our program. He has an amazing profile, medium sized rounded ears, nice puffy whisker pads, a large muscular build and truly amazing color/ patterning. He is the sweetest cat I have ever met and he truly just loves to be around everybody – one of the reasons he is SO good to participate in both TICA & CCA cat shows. He is registered as a Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby and is an SBT – past 4th generation. He won Champion status at his very first TICA show and was awarded the 2022 Best Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby of the Year as well as 2023 Third Best Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby of The Year. From his large rosettes to his kind, playful personality – he is the perfect addition to our program and passes his amazing traits down to his offspring. When paired with the right female, he can produce browns, charcoals and melanistics as well as silvers, silver charcoals and silver smokes. He also has 2 copies of the glitter gene as well, meaning his kittens should all have glitter and will sparkle in the sunlight.

Sarahleepaws Balou of KWBengals

Birthday: March 25th, 2023

Color: Seal Mink Spotted Tabby

TICA Number: TBD

PK-Def and Pra-B – Clear by parents

Balou is the first sire of our silver and snow program and we are SO excited for his very first litter with us. He is one of the silliest, sweetest, most outgoing and social kitties I’ve ever met. He truly loves everybody and is always in the mood for playtime. He is currently 6 months old and is a BIG boy (absolutely no fat, pure muscle). He came to us from Ajax, Ontario and has truly amazing bloodlines. His dad is from Russia and his mom is from a well known breeder in Canada. Balou carries the charcoal gene which is one of the things that makes his seal mink coat so dark and striking. He will be able to produce a wide variety of colors for us, including but not limited to: all 3 snow varieties, all 3 charcoal snow varieties, all 3 silver snow varieties, charcoal and solid/melanistic just to name a few. He will be competing in his first TICA cat show during the Canadian Pet Expo (located in Missisauga, ON) in November 2023. Come out and meet this handsome boy!

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