RW CH Superiorbg Bagheera of KWBengals

Birthday: March 18, 2021

Color: Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby

TICA number: SBT 031821 032

PK-DEF and PRA-b – Clear

Bagheera is the very first registered sire of our cattery. He has a great profile, small ears, nice whisker pads, a large muscular build and amazing color and patterning. He is the sweetest cat I have ever met and he truly just loves to be around everybody – one of the reasons he is SO good to participate in both TICA & CCA cat shows. He is registered as a Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby and is an SBT – past 4th generation. He actually won Champion status at his very first show and was awarded the 2022 Best Brown (Black) Charcoal Spotted Tabby of the Year . From his large rosettes to his kind, playful personality – he is the perfect addition to our cattery. He carries for charcoal and has 2 copies of the glitter gene as well, meaning his kittens should all have glitter! Whats better than a Bengal with glitter??

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