Available Kittens

We are pleased to announce we have high quality kittens available for reservation!!

On October 18th, Queen Nala gave birth to 9 gorgeous kittens. There is currently 3 girls (pink, red & purple collars) and 4 boys (blue, green, orange & black collars) available for reservation. All kittens are brown with large, two toned rosettes and have show and/or breeding potential. All of the kittens in this litter will also have the highly admired “glitter coat”. Parents of this litter are Iconicbeauty Nala of KWBengals (dam- seal mink) and RW CH Superiorbg Bagheera of KWBengals (sire- brown charcoal).

Nala and her current litter @ approx. 2 days old. She is such an amazing mom and produces absolutely phenomenal kittens. Come and meet them today!
Male – DOB October 18th 2022 – this green collar boy is just the sweetest little guy! Always ready for play or snuggles, he loves being around his human companions.
Female – DOB October 18th 2022 – this beautiful little girl is always the centre of attention. The first one to play, climb and explore out of her littermates, her love for adventures never ends!
Female – DOB October 18th 2022 – this little girl loves to talk! She is such a snuggler and the first one out of her littermates to use the litter box! She is very smart and has a strong bond with her orange collar brother!
Male – DOB October 18th 2022 – this handsome guy has the boldest markings in this litter, he is just stunning! A real mama’s boy who is always ready for play. He loves to cuddle up with his humans for nap time!
Male – DOB October 18th 2022 – this guy is the biggest in the litter and his littermate, red collars favorite sibling! He loves to scratch on his scratching pad and has already ventured on the cat wheel. He is very smart and will be easily trained.
Male – DOB October 18th 2022 – this guy is the second biggest in the litter, almost the exact same size as his littermate, orange collar boy. He is going to be a sweet, friendly boy who loves to play but loves his humans more. Already a huge snuggler!
Female – DOB October 18th 2022 – this girl has the most gorgeous markings in this litter. Sprinkled with glitter, she is going to be a true beauty. She is showing lots of potential already and will do well in the show ring. She is always ready for playtime with her beloved humans!


All of the kittens born in our cattery meet the breed standard with TICA, have large, two toned rosettes, show/breeding quality potential and the sweetest, snuggly, loving personalities. They absolutely LOVE spending time with their human(s) and even going on cat rides and/or adventures as well. We put a strong focus on socializing from a very young age so we can guarantee your kitten will have an amazing personality, from the very first minute in their new homes (although please know, some do take longer than others to adjust). We allow our kittens to go to their forever homes between 12 and 14 weeks of age for those getting picked up or delivered locally and 14-16 weeks for those who are traveling by air (we use Westjet Cargo).

Last updated: Thursday, November 24th, 2022

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