We have no available kittens at this time.

Please visit our Expected Litters page in order to take a look at the litters that are on the way or planned for the near future. We have some amazing pairings coming soon that will produce some amazing new colors for us here at KW Bengals!


All of the kittens born in our cattery meet the breed standard with both associations we belong to, which are TICA & CCA, have large, two toned rosettes, show/breeding potential and the sweetest, snuggly, loving personalities. They absolutely LOVE getting to spend time with their human(s) and even going on car rides and/or adventures. We put a strong focus on socializing our kittens from a very young age so we can guarantee your kitten will have an amazing personality throughout their lives (although please know, some cats/kittens do take longer than others to adjust). We allow our kittens to go to their forever homes between 12 and 14 weeks of age for those getting picked up or delivered locally and 14-16 weeks for those who are traveling by air (we currently use Westjet Cargo or a flight nanny can be arranged as well).

Last updated: Friday, August 25th 2023

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