Our Queens


Birthday: March 4th, 2022

Color: Silver Seal Point (Melanistic Snow)

TICA Number: TBD

PK-Def and PRA-b: Clear by parentage

This amazing girl came to us from Bengaluxe in Quebec, Canada and we are SO excited to introduce her to our cattery. She is truly a dream come true. From her stunning blue eyes to her glorious markings and genetics, she is everything we hoped for in our next queen and so much more! She is the true definition of perfection. When paired with Bagheera, she has the chance of producing brown, brown charcoal, melanistic, silver, silver charcoal and silver smoke kittens due to their genetics. We are really looking forward to seeing the kittens she produces when the time comes as she is a true beauty and a good representation of the breed.


Birthday: August 18th, 2022

Color: Silver (Black) Spotted Tabby

TICA Number: TBD

PK-DEF and PRA-B Clear by Parentage

This beautiful girl, Praslin Zari, came to us from a well known, ethical cattery in The Netherlands that focuses specifically on silvers. From the first moment of contact, we just knew we were in excellent hands! She will be one of the main cats that will be competing in the 2023 show season with us. We are expecting big and exciting things from this beautiful girl! After speaking with the breeder on and off for a little over a year and following their social media pages, we were happy to hear there were a couple new litters born right around the time we were starting our search. We were instantly smitten with the litter (Jelly x Mustang) and were anxious to make our pick. When pairing Zari and Bagheera together, they are going to produce absolutely phenomenal silver and brown kittens with large two-toned rosettes, lots of glitter, show/breeder potential, amazing, social personalities and SO much more! We will be expecting kittens from Zari in the summer/fall of 2023.

WILDCLAN Wicked Dreams aka Tulip

Birthdate: April 21st, 2022

Color: Silver Charcoal Spotted Tabby

TICA Number: TBD

PK-DEF and PRA-B: Clear by Parentage

We are SO excited to welcome this stunning girl to our cattery. We will be picking her up at the end of July and the time couldn’t come fast enough. She is coming to us from Wild Clan Bengals located in Ontario. She is a silver charcoal and we are so excited to work with her coloring. She will be starting her show career – if everything goes as planned – in August 2023 at the CCA show located in Toronto, Ontario. She has an absolutely perfect profile, mesmerizing eyes and amazing coloring. She comes from a great pedigree and is going to be an asset to our breeding program. We have had our eye on her since she was born so this really feels like a dream come true. Potential seal lynx, blue and long hair carrier (will be doing testing as soon as she comes home). We will be expecting kittens from Bagheera and Tulip in (hopefully) fall 2023.

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