Application/Waiting List

We are now taking applications for those interested in being added to our paid waitlist for our fall and winter litters. The official waiting list can be found below. We do require the application to be filled out before being added to the list.

Once your application is approved, we require a deposit of $100 to reserve your spot on our waiting list. We accept e-transfer or cash (email for e-transfer will be given upon application approval). The waiting list fee will come with a receipt and the fee will of course be subtracted from the total price of your kitten. Accepted applicants will go in order of application & fee received – subject to application approval.

Please take the time to answer our questions truthfully. We want to make sure our kittens are going to the best homes possible!

Note: waiting list approval is carefully decided once we have had a chance to review your individual application. We will contact you with how to proceed with the waiting list payment should your application be accepted.

Paid (Kitten) Waitlist

1. Helen & David A, Ontario – Silver – Any Gender

2. Jasmit S, Ontario – Silver Charcoal – Any Gender

3. Juliet & Jason L, Ontario – Silver – Male

4. Crystal C, Ontario – Silver/Silver Charcoal – Any Gender

5. Russ & Lee T, Ontario – Silver/Charcoal – Female

6. Katherine W, Ontario – Silver – Female

7. Michael H, Ontario – Brown – Female

8. Kerwin Y, Ontario – Silver/Charcoal – Any Gender

9. Jurney K, Ontario – Brown – Male

10. Sanaa R, Ontario – Any Color – Male

Waitlist updated; Thursday, September 21st 2023

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