KWBengals Canada – Main Page

Welcome to KWBengals and thank you for your interest in our ethical, health testing, reputable cattery! Whether it was a family member/friend or a quick web search that brought you here, we’re very happy to have you checking out our website. We are a registered cattery with TICA (The International Cat Association). Our primary focus is to produce healthy, happy kittens that meet the breed standard and have amazing temperaments with high quality patterns. We strive to produce the best quality possible for our future KWBengals families. Bengals are active, social, friendly and outgoing cats who thrive with attention and mental stimulation. As long as your Bengal has things to do and you play with them daily, they should never be destructive. Our registered sire (stud/father; Bagheera) and dams (current/future queens; Nala, Lana & Zari) were purchased from reputable, registered, ethical breeders around the world and have TICA Champion bloodlines. All of our cats, as well as their kittens, live in our home with us daily. They have free roam at all times and can always go where they please. Our male however does have his own room with a cat wheel, cat trees, litter box etc. We also let him roam free with stud pants for a few hours at a time and take him on walks (weather permitting). Are all loving and patient (even with young children) as they’ve grown up getting lots of affection and handling from day one, of course only if the mama is comfortable with us touching her kittens (so far all of our queens have loved to have us around them before/during/after labor so that has never been an issue in our cattery). They are all treated as our family and we care for them deeply. We do NOT use cages with any of our breeding cats or their kittens.

Note: Kitten Application must be filled out before consideration, even for kittens that are available immediately.

Bengal cats come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and coat lengths (both long and short hair are accepted through TICA currently). Here at KWBengals, we specialize in short haired brown, brown and silver charcoal, melanistic, silver and silver smoke kittens. Currently those colors are our passion and main focus. All of our kittens will have large, high contrast, two toned rosettes, LOTS of glitter and show quality potential (please feel free to reach out if you would like more information regarding showing, I would be happy to walk you through it and/or help you out with your first shows).

Each one of our kittens will go to their new homes with their first 2 booster vaccines (received at 8 and 12 weeks), 2 full health checks with a registered veterinarian, deworming x4, fully litter trained, showing rights (free of charge), a 2 year genetic health guarantee, 30 days of free Pet Insurance (through Trupanion), non breeding contract (unless sold with breeding rights) and a full kitten starter kit including LOTS more. We allow our kittens to go to their new homes no earlier than 12-14 weeks, as per TICA’s code of ethics.

All of our breeder cats have tested negative for PK-DEF and PRA-b as well as 50+ genetic disorders. Please feel free to request their results!