If you scroll through the list below, you can find a list of some of our all time favorite cat products! More to be added in the near future 🙂

The Ziggydoo Ferris Wheel


Starting at approximately 5 weeks of age (depending on the individual kitten), we train all our kittens on the Ziggydoo wheel. It gives them an outlet to burn off all that extra “Bengal” energy and will help keep your cat both mentally and physically happy and fit. We highly recommend the Ziggydoo Ferris Wheel to all our new pet parents and to Bengal owners everywhere!

If you do decide to purchase the Ziggydoo wheel from the website provided above, please let them know that KW Bengals referred you when ordering! It can also be sent into them after through email or the contact forum on their website.

World’s Best Cat Litter

Here at KW Bengals, we love to use World’s Best Cat Litter. Although it does have a little bit of a higher price tag than regular clay litter, it is SO worth it! We use a non clumping version with our kittens from 3 to 6 weeks and then they are switched over to clumping litter in order to get them ready for their new homes. Can be bought at any pet store near you in multiple different sized bags

Dr Elseys Kitten Attract Litter

This special kitten attract litter from Dr. Elseys is made specifically for kittens and it is always a success in our house. Made with a special herbal attractant especially for kittens learning to use the litter box, litter training your kittens will be as easy as ever. This litter is made with an extremely soft formula, making it super easy on your kittens tiny, tender paws. Recommended for litter training kittens or can also be used if you’re having trouble with your kitten not using the litter box (this is what we recommend to all of our customers for litter box issues).

KONG Kickaroo

Given cats natural instincts to “kick” things with their back paws, these Kickaroo’s by KONG are an amazing addition for their toy box! Filled with catnip and a crinkly material that makes noise when touched, the smell and sound give your kitten a head start when it comes to this toy. It will easily become a favorite! Can be bought at most pet stores and/or can be ordered online.

Surfercat Harness/Leash – can be bought on Etsy or their website –

Website: OR

After having trouble finding a harness and leash that wasn’t uncomfortable for our kittens, we decided to look online. We noticed one of our friend’s had posted about their new Surfercat leash and harness set and I have to admit, I was completely blown away. Made by Bengal owners, for Bengal owners (although any cat can fit into their harnesses and wear them beautifully). We decided to order our own set and I am SO happy we did. Everything from the customer service to the product and shipping is quick, reliable and professional. They go above and beyond for all their customers/fans.

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